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10% off at Born Pretty

The fab guys at Born Pretty have offered my readers 10% off their orders with the code RACHELH10.

They ship worldwide for FREE!

Also, the more you guys order, the more giveaways I can do! 

Read more here disclaimer here

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  • Okay so I've been having a think, I'm going to post my youtube vid ( on Sundays and do a review mid week on a wednesday, yeah?
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samtease tagged me, thank you!!

1) always post the rules
2) tag 10 people and link them in the post
3) actually tell the people you’ve tagged them

Get to know rachelhairandmakeup

1) who do you look up to?
- Teasdale twins, victoria Beckham, perrie edwards and probably my mum
2) what is one thing that has changed your life for the better?
- probably realising it doesn’t really matter what others think of what I do
3) on a scale of 1-10, how happy are you genuinely?
- anywhere from 0-8 depending on the day
4) whats your favourite animal?
- dog, horse, meerkats, monkeys, flamingos, geckos
5) whats your favourite place in the world?
- my bed, failing that Poole on the south coast
6) whats the best advice you’ve ever been given?
- oh a cliche, never give up
7) do you prefer mountains or the beach?
- I live near a beach, so a beach with a mountain view, think Tenerife
8) favourite type of weather?
- sunny and hot, but not humid
9) best tumblr friend?
- dresslike-1d summertansandraybans realityishiddenthroughdreams styled-by-lou
10) top 3 colours?
-orange, pink, black
11) hows your day been?
- alright, had a driving lesson and went to college, wish the weather had been better
12) whats your favourite bands?
- 1975, 5SOS, little mix,1D
13) favourite music video ever?
- well, baby by justin bieber was the first video I watched on repeat
14) favourite tumblr blog? -velvetweekends
15) whos your OTP?
- Zerrie.
16) favourite youtubers?
- viviannadoesmakeup and lilypebbles currently
17) do you see small youtubers?
- probably, if I like them I watch them, no matter what the fan base is!
18) favourite food ever?
- toad in the hole, chicken dippers with potato smiley faces, strawberries and mangoes or any form of chocolate
19) which team do you support in the world cup?
- well England are out so probably holland
20) best fanfic you’ve read?
- whats fanfic?
21) best TV show you’ve ever watched?
- dont really watch TV - Sorry!

I tag dresslike-1d realityishiddenthroughdreams ms-golightlys-list summertansandraybans burberryandfedoras ofellie

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  • AnonymousNo one seems to ask you this, are you okay? 💜
  • I’ve been better but thanks thats so cute! Hope you’re okay whoever you are x

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  • 1 month ago
  • Anonymoushey it said your video was removed because it was too long :(
  • Bummer. I’ll record it again tomorrow and upload then! Sorry :( damn you youtube! X

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